Suffolk Parishes


To help in your search for Suffolk ancestors we've included in our listings of 517 Suffolk parishes.

          •  HAMLETS and the parishes in which records for these areas may be found.

          •  EARLIEST DATE from which parish registers survive.
It should be noted there may be subsequent 'gaps' due to the negligence of the incumbent at that time or later damage to or lost of register(s)

          •  DEANERY in which the parish is located.
This is important as SFHS parish register transcripts of Baptisms & Marriages are currently being published by Deanery area.



For example: 
          Thingoe Deanery Baptisms (1813-1900)
          Hartismere, Hoxne, S.Elmham & Wangford Deanery Marriages (1753-1812)

A separate index of Deanery Parishes is also provided for this reason.


•  TRANSCRIPTS of each parish which have been published on our Baptism Index,  Marriage Index and Burial Index CDs.
In addition further transcripts, from publications in preparation, may be available from the appropriate Search Service and their listings should be consulted for the latest information.

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