Suffolk Roots

The Society's quarterly journal is free to members.

Contributions to the journal of any genealogical material; readers' memoirs and pictures;  the writer’s family research or life in historic Suffolk, are always welcome.

Each issue features a different theme in addition to articles on all aspects of genealogy. 

The theme for the September issue is Sport and Competition.

If you have a tale to tell of historic events from Village cricket to Pub Games; Ploughing Matches to Flower and Produce shows (or anything in between) held anywhere in the County - or that featured county folk - we'd love to hear from you.

And please don't forget: Members are invited to send in suggestions for future themes.

A Help Required section in each issue seeks information from readers about people and places - or occasions - that you find difficult to research. Perhaps you have had no response to a query posted in the Forum in the Members' Area on this web-site: If so, a query in the journal may reach a different group of potential helpers - and you can also include photographs of people and places.

Perhaps members can put a name to unidentified subjects of your pictures.

"Roots"  forms a permanent record of the experiences and lives of Suffolk families and the county as they knew it.

Back numbers of Suffolk Roots are now permanently available for members to search on-line and so we are also looking to the future:  the journal provides an opportunity to publish those pictures from your family collection which show Suffolk places and activities as they once were:

Share them now and make them available to others in the future.  


A few pages from the latest journal (another 96pp issue) are reproduced below

Writing articles for Suffolk Roots

Articles can be on any genealogical topic of interest to SFHS members and are usually strongly linked to the county of Suffolk and its people.

Handwritten or typewritten text is perfectly OK - although a MS Word or similar file is helpful.

All articles are re-composed at the editing stage to fit the Suffolk Roots page design so you don't need to worry about which typeface to use or page layout to follow - but please send your illustrations and text in separate files the illusrations being high resolution (300dpi or greater) .jpg  format files.

Do remember to quote your membership number when submitting your article so those readers who may have information to pass on, or questions to raise, can contact you through the society.

If you wish, you can add your email or postal address or your phone number, so you can be contacted directly, but this is not essential.

Pictures, family-trees, photographs and drawings, whether in colour or black and white are very welcome.

Remember that anything dowloaded from the internet will probably be only 72 dpi which is fine for viewing on a screen but will appear very 'blocky' on the printed page and thus detrimental to the maintenace of a 'quality' publication (for which 300 dpi is the preferred standard).

The journal is keen to print those unpublished photographs of historic Suffolk  which you may have hidden away in your family collections. If damaged pictures need to be retouched for publication, we'll send you a new print!


If your article includes photographs or long quotations from another publication you should seek permission from the author to use them unless the original material is beyond the copyright expiry date.

Reproducing a short extract is usually deemed not to require permission, providing it is accredited to the original author. 

Permission must be obtained from the editor before material originally published in Suffolk Roots is used in any other publication.

ALWAYS PLEASE REMEMBER to send your illustrations separately from the text. Sending text and pictures in a single file complicates the editing and printing processes and in some circumstances may result in rejection of the article for practical reasons.

 If you would like to contribute to an issue of Suffolk Roots, send your text and pictures  by mail or by email to:-

Geoff. Dennish
Editor, Suffolk Roots
12 Hall Road : Chilton Hall
Stowmarket : Suffolk
IP14 1TN