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Ipswich, which claims to be the oldest continuously inhabited town in England, is located on the estuary of the River Orwell, which has always been important in the story of the town. A small harbour, behind what is now the home of Ipswich Town Football Club, was used by the Romans for trade and the Vikings raided the docks area, around 1010.
King John gave the town its Charter in 1200. The town flourished in the Tudor & Elizabethan era, with the Wool Trade, when Christchurch Mansion and other fine buildings were erected creating much of the street pattern around The Butter Market which survives to this day, along with some 650 listed buildings.
The Victorian era brought more prosperity and the building of new wet docks, then the largest in Europe, and the first public museum in the country which opened in 1847 (rebuilt in 1881).
The industrial revolution saw the rise of farm machinery manufacturers, such as Ransomes and Garretts, which hastened the exodus of many former agricultural workers to the town. The population increased six- fold in the 19th century, rising to 66,000 and doubled in the 20th century.


Ipswich has much to offer those researching their 'family trees' and also gives the excuse of having a pleasurable day out.

Our monthly meetings are held at:

The Pioneer Hall 
The Co-Op Education Centre,
11, Fore Street,
Ipswich, Suffolk IP4 1JW.

The Car Park is behind the building, and is  accessed from Waterworks Street IP4 1JG

ALL MEETINGS START at 7:15 p.m., and finish at 9:30  as we have to vacate the building by then.

Pedestrian access is through the front door at 11 Fore Street. There is a large car park at the rear of the building - Entry is from Waterworks Street (Enter IP4 1JG in your sat. nav.) Meetings will be held on the 4th Thursday in the month (apart from December when the Co-op Education Centre is closed !

NOTE: We go on an Outside Visit for our June Meeting, we do Meeting in August.

We arrange a varied programme of interesting talks and guided visits which are open to members and visitors alike, especially newcomers, who'll receive a warm welcome.

 The talks cost £2 entrance (£2.50 for non-members). Sometimes Meeting entry may rise to £3 per head for members, £3.50 for non-members - if the Speaker is coming some distance.

Those with problems with their research find it useful to chat to others at the meeting, about their "brickwalls". Informal help often results from this.

We can provide, if you contact us first, for meetings, a laptop computer, with some of the Society's CD's and other resources, as outlined on the Publications page. This facility can be requested at a meeting, for viewing at the following meeting.

Alternatively, feel free to contact us beforehand if you'd like to request a resource or need advice so we're best placed to help you when you come to the meeting.

We have also started to hold informal Research Help meetings - which talk place on a Friday afternoon in the middle of Ipswich. We will have to "book you in" so if you want to know more - e-mail publicity@sfhs.org.uk


Ipswich Record Office - The 'must do' place to visit/contact for all your family & local history needs; holding an amazing range of information about the history of Suffolk and its people.

 Ipswich Tourist information Officewho also arrange guided walks with Blue Badge Guides [May-Sept].

Ipswich Museum - has a timeline on events in the Town, plus many treasures.  Also use the same web link to find out about Christchurch Mansion - a Fine Tudor mansion STUFFED with amazing itmes - located in a Grade 1 STAR listed Park, Christchurch Park


Mrs Jenny Rawlinson (Ipswich Branch Secretary)

10, Carlford Court,

112, Parliament Road,

 Ipswich IP4 5EL  

01473 902367

e-mail: jennyrawlinson@hotmail.com
Howard King (Chairman)
01473 274300
or by Email: publicity@suffolkfhs.org.uk

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The Royal Naval Patrol Service in WW2

Posted by K Pulford on Mon, 14th Oct 2019

Percy Lomax presented "The Local Co-Op from Ipswic

Posted by Howard L King on Fri, 11th Oct 2019

Percy Lomax  came from Essex to present:

 "The Local Co-Op from Ipswich to the east of England - a Growth Story" - which echoed, in its early days the evolution of the Co-Op movement.

The East of England Co-op was one of the most succesful regions, and Percy explained how it evolved - and how it coped through two World Wars..  and how the Coop got to where it is today - with many "corner shops", and now facing the threat of stores like LIDL and ALDI and the other large retailers, and, of course - on-line shopping.

Ipswich Group Visit to Highgate Cemetary

Posted by Howard L King on Thu, 18th Jul 2019

On Thursday 27th June 2019 members of Ipswich Group, Suffolk Family History Society,  went on a min-bus day out to Highgate Cemetery, in North London.  There we had two fascinating guided tours of the Old and New parts of the Cemetery.

The Old part –  with areas now very overgrown, was very atmospheric – especially when we went into catacombs, with ancient coffins in niches in the walls. All around us was proof on how much importance The Victorians gave to celebrating the life, deeds and legacy of their departed relatives.

The newer part of the Cemetery was easier to navigate, and is still in use. We saw, amongst graves of the great, the good, (and some not so good including a participant in the Great Train Robbery,) the grave of Carlton (The Human Hairpin) real name Arthur Phelps. He was a magician who died in 1942. He is still remembered by “The Magic Circle” who tend to his gravestone…. and award an annual Magic Circle prize in his memory.

Chris Turland returned to talk about

Posted by Howard L King on Fri, 19th Apr 2019

Chris Turland had to step in at short notice as our planned Speaker had to cancel at short notice.

Chris, as usual, gave a sparkling talk - full of fascinating pictures of the Shipping to and from Harwich.

It was clear that he has a fascination for the area, and how much it has changed - probably because in his earlier days he was a Seaman on British Rail Train Ferries - plying between Harwich and Zebrugge and Harwich and The Hook of Holland. This fact created a fascinating series of anecdotes.

We are hoping that Barbara Mcelroy will reschedule her talk on "The Suffolk Bevin Boys" before too long.

Talk by Anne Folan - On the Contribution of medici

Posted by Howard L King on Sat, 16th Mar 2019

On 28th February Anne Folan presented, to Ipswich Group “The Contribution of Medicine to the Mortality Decline In Ipswich 1851- 1911”.

In a wide ranging talk, Anne considered factors such as medical care, Public health, and improving standards of health in a busy, expanding Town that was base to many industrial firms and a busy and prosperous Port. 

From the 18th Century to the first half of the 19th Century (when Surgeons greatly outnumbered Physicians), most Surgeons had to undergo 7 years apprenticeship under a Master Surgeon.

The first real attempt to improve the medical care followed the Medicine Act 1858 – when all Student Doctors had to follow the same course of training, emphasising clinical medicine.

Anne covered a very wide area, including the rise of Friendly or  Benefit Societies, to help fund treatment.  The very poor were attended by a poor law Medical Officer.

Anne also looked at the evolution of nurses. Pre 1860, nurses were mainly elderly women, often charwomen or launderesses. In the 1860/70’s attempts were made to develop a nursing Institution in Ipswich…… By 1906 there were 24 nurses, 6 District Nurses, and 10 Cottage Nurses.

Later on in the talk, Anne looked at the East Suffolk and Ipswich Hospital, Anglesea Road. There was some unintentional amusement when Anne mentioned that on Wednesday afternoons, ailing residents could go to the Hospital and attempt to be taken into the Hospital following a examination (both physical and verbal) … with the average stay being about 6 weeks – patients (hopefully cured) leaving on a Wednesday.

This was a fascinating talk. Many who came asked questions, offering more information to Anne to help her further research on this topic.

ATTACHED is a Picture of Anne (in Blue, nearest the camera, helping a Researcher in our packed Hall, following her talk.

The Next Meeting is on  28th March 2019 Meeting of Ipswich Group, Suffolk Family History Society presents:

A Suffolk Bevin Boy, who, with thousands of others, on conscription, expected to go into the forces, instead was selected by ballot to go down the mines in World War II, NO excuses allowed. The talk looks at the  reasons for the  scheme, the conditions down the mines and subsequent problems.                                                                                          

A fascinating, illustrated story told by his Daughter Barbara Mcelroy

Ipswich Group,

Suffolk Family History Society 

Monthly Meeting.  Thursday 28th March

We meet at:

The Co-Op Education Centre,

Pedestrian Entrance:

11, Fore Street, Ipswich, IP4 1JW

Car Park entrance: in Waterworks Street IP4 1JG

Admission £2 per person for Society members . £2:50 per person for non- members, who are also warmly welcomed - you can join the Society at the meeting if you wish.

Tickets are not required - just turn up and pay on the doo

New Family History Researchers (including non-members) are welcomed to this Event  - can we help you with your researches?

For more information on this Event, and about the Branch.  Call Howard on 01473 274300 or e-mail publicity@suffolkfhs.org.uk

Chris Turlands fascinating talk

Posted by Howard L King on Sun, 10th Feb 2019

On Thursday 24th January, Chris Turland came along to the Ipswich group, and gave a fascinating and interesting talk about The History of The Suffolk Fire Service.

His long involvement  with, and love for the Ipswich Transport Museum, and his knowledge of Local archives and photographic collections - enabled him to show us an amazing collection of pictures - ably described - with little anecdotes. He encouraged the audience to chip in with other details  and stories - which they certainly did.

Chris said afterwards that he had thoroughly enjoyed giving the talk - and learnt a lot.

He started his talk by looking at the very early hand pumped "engines" - one of the earliest being bought for the Lord of the Manor of Seckford Hall in 1736. He then showed very early photos of Vilage and Town fire fighters with their Hand Pumps. Using these appliances was exhausting as not only was vigourous pumping required - but a bucket chain had to be used to keep the pump topped up with water.

He then moved on to look at horse-drawn "Steamers".  Theses monsters - using steam pressure to create a jet of water. These were common across the towns of Suffolk - and survived in use for a surprisingly long time.

The fact that they were horse-drawn was a real problem - as a team of horses had to be found, rounded up, and attached to the Engine. Attaching the horses, and driving them at speed was fraught with danger - as some of the horses were often terrified when attached to a hisssing, steam belching monster - as steam was being generated on the way to the fire.

Chris then moved onto the evolution of Brigades for various Towns. Ipswich being at the fore.

He mentioned the Fire Floats used on the Docks in Ipswich - basically a raft - with a pump on top. To manouvre this, water was sucked out at the front, and pushed out at the back. This idea, surprisingly effective, was also used in the Docks in London, and elswhere, during Air raids in WW2.

He finished by mentioned the little known "4th Column"  of volunteer firemen, many from Suffolk, who, with their Auxiliary Fire Srvice Fire Engines followed Allied Troops after D-Day in 1944, across Europe. Their exploits are well known and remembered fondly in Western Europe for their amazing work in rescuing people from bombed houses - often under fire. There is a reasonable amount of information about these volunteer firemen - if you know where to look.

Pictures of Ipswich Co-Op Bread Roundsmen 1952

Posted by Howard L King on Sat, 24th Nov 2018

Attached are pictures of Ipswich Co-op Bread Roundsmen 1952 - with a key.... Supplied by The Co-Op Education Centre, Fore Street, where we hold our Meetings.

Roy Trickers Talk

Posted by Howard L King on Sat, 24th Nov 2018

Many Family Historians are already "Church Crawlers". Roy is seriously addicted - and has visited most of the 10,000 or so churches across the United Kingdom , and quite a few in Ireland.

His talk whilst some of it illustrated Suffolk Churches - many showed off the odd and unusual in other counties. His enthusiastic - highly entertaining - talk ensured that none of the audience was able to snooze through.

He reminded us that we should always take the time to really enjoy the treasures of Churches - and that the humblest of churches is worth a look - don't just drive by.

In Suffolk he particularly mentioned the Churches of Stonham Parva, Kersey, Badingham, Bramfield, Dennington, and the Wenhaston "Doom" painting. 

Talk By John Sutton Hidden presences at Ipswich's

Posted by Howard L King on Mon, 12th Nov 2018

John has done extensive work researching the story of Jane Lane, and her possible link with The Ancient House, in Ipswich.

There have been stories over many years that Charles II, on the run from his armies defeat at The Battle of Worcestor, in the English Civil War - hid in the Ancient House - as well as another story that the Ancient House had a Priest Hole - to hide Catholic Priests...

John , in his extensive research put these two stories to rest - In his flight from The Battle of Worcestor Charles never came anywhere near Ipswich - and those that owned the Ancient House at the period when a Catholic Priest may have wanted to hide - were Protestants!

However, John's very detailed talk was fascinating - Yes... Jane Lane was certainly very strongly linked to Charles II, as she and Roger Wentworth accompanied Charles as he fled, in disguise ... and with some adventures helped Charles escape to France from the South Coast of England.

Then Jane Lane's story certainly links far more to Ipswich and the Ancient House - as after more adventures she and companion John Kemp walked to East Anglia, paased through Colchester, and probably stayed at The "Wagon and Horses" Pub, owned by a member of the Lane family  next door to the building we now know as The Ancient House. After staying In Ipswich for a while they ended up in Great Yarmouth.

The Lane Family in Ipswich would have known the Sparrow Family owners of the Ancient House - the Sparrow Family.  John Sutton is convinced the Sparrows owned a couple of Miniatures - one of Charles II - another of Jane Lane....

John is keen to find where the Sparrow Family moved to after it was sold in the 1960's..... to see if they still have this miniature....

Sue Adams talk on Researching House History

Posted by Howard L King on Sun, 21st Oct 2018

At our September Meeting we welcomed Sue Adams, Professional Genealogist and Researcher – to learn all about Researching a House’s History, and steps you can take.

It was fascinating to learn (amongst other things) how many of the slightly obscure terms that are used in property transactions today came about, and how the laws of Property transfer have evolved into a complex topic, with research often involving reading old documents – using yet another skill - palaeography.

Many of the terms used - especially in {Property law go back MANY centuries.

Her description of her talk is:

Property records are an under-used, but potentially very rich, source of information about our ancestors and history of houses. The processes for transfer or inheritance of property produced a range of documents. The type of ownership (tenure) such as freehold or copyhold determines how property was transferred and where records may be found. Learn strategies for finding, interpreting and incorporating property records in your research.


Sue Adams is a professional genealogist based in Norfolk, England, running her own business, Family Folk

Sue completed a Masters degree in Genealogical, Palaeographic and Heraldic Studies from the University of Strathclyde and began working as a professional genealogist in 2012.  

She is a member of the Register of Qualified Genealogists, the Association of Genealogists and Researches in Archives, and the Association of Professional Genealogists.  She undertakes family history research for clients, provides one-to-one research advice, writes a blog, and speaks on a range of family history topics.

Attached to this report is a picture of Sue, after the talk helping our Group Secretary Jenny - sort out some questions that Jenny raised.


27/10/2016The History of Advertising
Advertising goes back further than you think! Coming closer to today - you come across adverts in Directories, old Newspapers, and the flood of adverts we are bombarded with today. Your forbears may have placed such adverts or even appear in them!
Stuart Bowell
24/11/2016Cakes, Ales, Partying, Feasting, and Fundraising in Medieval Suffolk.
The title says it all... but does not give full justice to a fascinating and entertaining talk.
Kate Jewell
09/12/2016Special pre-Christmas Talk The Victorian Ghost Hunter - PLEASE NOTE EARLY FRIDAY DATE
Special Talk - DIFFERENT DATE. FRIDAY NIGHT 16th December 2016 @ 7:30 p.m. Normal Venue. Meet a Victorian Ghost Hunter. Look at the tools of his trade. Hear of the Society for Psychical Research founded 1882, Cambridge and Edmund Gurneys strange tale.
Andrew Selwyn
26/01/2017Members Evening - telling us: Family Tales, Family Heirlooms and Black Sheep
If it helps, call Howard 01473 274300 and discuss. Each talk abt 10 min. For a Laptop, we have a Digital projector + a Visualiser , (Overhead projector with a camera); projecting the image. Afterwards discuss Research problems,suggesting solutions.
Mainly Ourselves
23/02/2017Victoria and her Children - The Ultimate Family Tree - by Breda Stringer
Queen Victoria.... whose children married into Royal Famlies across Europe.... Her descendants STILL influence Europe in one way or another! A fascinating Family Story.
Breda Stringer
23/03/2017The De-la-Pole Family - Dukes of Suffolk... the Family Story.
A grim tale telling how Frances researched what really happened to a relative, who survived the Burma Railway... but talked little of his experiences. How she used little known records and archives etc. A part of history we should never forget!
Steven Govier
27/04/2017"Fig Leaves, Farthingales and Fiches" - what your ancestors wore - with a few surprises!
A light-hearted evening of frolics and fun....
Frances Saltmarsh
25/05/2017Sex and War - American G.Is in Suffolk in WW2
Lucy has Researched the effect American G.Is (particularly coloured ones) had in East Anglia, meeting local ladies, fathering children in wartime. The consequences for the parents and the children. Telling fascinating stories, with some happy endings.
Prof. Lucy Bland (Anglia Ruskin University)
22/06/2017Day Trip to The National Archives at Kew - for records not held anywhere else!
Special Coach Day out , - leaving Martlesham Heath Shoppers Car Park 06:30, Tesco Copdock Bus Stop, Capel St Mary A12 slip Road Bus stop. Price £25/person. Book NOW. Call Howard 01473 274300, e-mail howard.king1@outlook.com
Organiser Howard King 01473 274300
27/07/2017A Short History of Shopping - (particularly relating to the Ipswich area).
Looking at the Shopping in the Ipswich area.... Do you remember Ridleys, Martin and Newbys, Footmans, John Colliers...... The list goes on and on. Wallow in nostalgia, in an era before the Internet. Did your family work in or own a shop in the area.
Linda Sexton
NO MEETING IN AUGUST PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL MEETINGS FROM NOW ON WILL START SLIGHTLY EARLIER - at 7:15. We aim to finish and Clear the building by 9:30. This is due to changes in the Security procedures at The Co-Op Education Centre!
28/09/2017The Ipswich War Memorial Project
Team members will explain this extensive Project - researching Ipswich War Memorial Great War deaths. They will also highlight some life stories. If you want to know more about anyone listed - contact 01473 274300 before the Meeting.
Members of The Ipswich War Memorial Team
30/09/2017Suffolk family History Society - Family History Fair
FREE ENTRY 10-00 - 4:00. University of Suffolk, Waterfront,. Ipswich.. Topline Speakers. Free Research area with on-line and personal help breakdown Research Brick Walls. Stands,stalls, displays. More info elsewhere on this website, or call 01473 274300.
Suffolk Family History Society - Annual Family History Fair
26/10/2017An Armchair Walk on "Remarkable Ipswich Women";
Looking in detail at Special Ipswich Women - many on Blue Plaques around the town. You probably know the Plaques - now find out the stories. Be prepared for some surprises.
Ann Day
23/11/2017Duleep Singh - The Story of an Indian Prince in Rural splendour at Elvedon in Suffolk
The fascinating story of an Indian Sikh Prince living in Splendour in a Large Suffolk House. A Story of Pomp and Ceremony... and a tinge of sadness..... How did he fit in with the British aristocracy, and what became of him?
Stephen Govier
14/12/2017Entertaining General History and Family History Quiz - plus your favourite Family Photo.
NOTE Thurs 14th December - An entertaining, light hearted evening of bonhomie, amusement and a mince-pie, with a few prizes.. Be amazed at what you know, learn something you didnt. Bring Favourite labelled Family Photo, which may win a prize.
Mainly Ourselves
25/01/2018A Look at "Ipswich Treasures" - things to notice as you perambulate our fine Town.
There are many hidden jems around Ipswich. John, who is an expert on Ipswich and Suffolk Buildings... will entertain us by telling us more about his favourites. You may never look at Ipswich in the same way again.,
John Field (who recently presented his talk "Cartoonist Carl Giles' Ipswich" to a packed audience.)
22/02/2018Insanity - How Previous generations (particularly the Victorians) dealt with this issue..
Kathy Chater.... Nationally Known Genealogical Researcher and Author, comes from London. She will explain how earlier generations recorded this issue for us to find. She has promised to look at the records for St. Audreys, and St. Clements for examples.
Kathy Chater, Nationally Known Genealogical Researcher and Author, is coming from London.
22/03/2018A Song of their Own - The Fight for Votes for Ipswich Women.
Joy is a well known local Researcher and Author..... who has produced a Book on this Topic..... Perhaps a lady i your Family Tree participated in this Campaign - and chained herself to railings outside County Hall or elsewhere.
Joy Bounds
25/04/2018Charles II, Jane Lane, and the Mystery of The Ancient House
London was a magnet for people from Victorian Suffolk , often thinking they were going to live in a better place. But often lived in cramped, overcrowded, vermin ridden slums, with hunger, crime and filthy water “normal”.
John Sutton
26/04/2018Black Teeth and Dirty Fingernails, the Great Unwashed of Victorian London.
An Entertaining Talk, with the Speaker coming from South London.All about the poorer side of Victorian london - this could be the life experienced by your ancestors who left Suffolk to fine their fortune in London - only to be dissapointed!
David Allen
24/05/2018AGM - Followed by "Looking at and using Parish Registers".
Viviene, Ipswich based Professional Genealogist, (often at The Suffolk Records Offices), tells us more about what Parish Records can reveal - with tips on using them in your researches.
Viviene Aldis
28/06/2018Outside Visit to see The Ipswich Town Hall Mayors Parlour, Ipswich Town Hall
Visit - Mayors Parlour, Ipswich Town Hall. The story of Civic Ipswich over many centuries. See the Civic Regalia, see fascinating pictures and photos, hear the stories. Guided by The Town Sergeant. Numbers restricted. Booking at the March Meeting .
An Outside Visit to The Mayors Parlour - Ipswich Town Hall
26/07/2018Ipswich Cinemas and Theatres
There were far more Theatres and Cinemas in Ipswich than you may think. Come and find out where they were - when they were open - and who was linked to them........ There are some people that will surprisingly recognise or recall.
Eric Thorndyke
23/08/2018A Members Research Evening - with helpful resources and Advice.
A Members Research Evening - with helpful resources and Advice. Why not come along and tell us a short story from your researches. Flagging up your basic problems beforehand may be a good idea!
Mainly yourselves.....
27/09/2018Researching House and Property History at 7:15
Sue, East Anglian based member of the Association of Registered Genealogists, has trawled through records at Records Offices and Archives across the UK. She is ideally placed to pass on tips and hints on the topic. Go further with your researches.
Sue Adams
25/10/2018"Hidden Presences at Ipswich's Ancient House: The King and the Maid", Ipswich at 7:15
A little known story, researched by John Sutton... on Charles II, a lady called Jane Lane, and the iconic Ipswich Building, The Ancient House... Many will think they know all about this iconic Ipswich landmark - but do you really?
John Sutton
22/11/2018The Fun and Fascination of Churches (at 7:15 p.m.)
A fascinatinating, entertaining Evening, with Ipswich's very own Roy Tricker - awarded the MBE in the 2018 New Years Honours Lists ( for his work helping to preserve Suffolk's glorious Churches) - who will give us a whistle-stop tour of his favorites....
Roy Tricker
27/12/2018No Meeting this Month
No meeting this Month - see you at the January meeting.....
No Meeting this Month
24/01/2019"The History of the Suffolk Fire Service"
More details nearer the date. For more information on this talk call 01473 274300 Preferably from October 2018 onwards.
Chris Turland
28/02/2019The Medical contribution to mortality decline in Ipswich from 1851 to 1911
Ever puzzled why the death rate started to fall from 1851 in Ipswich? - Come and find out more... Is it a coincidence that Anne has zeroed in on the Census years 1851 to 1911... perhaps she has dug deep into records we dont look in.
Dr Anne Folan
28/03/2019Change to Talk - now "Harwich and The Continent"
Crhis Turland - (recent entertaining speaker on the "History of the Suffolk Fire Service"), has stepped in and will present "Harwich and the Continent".
Chris Turland
25/04/2019What did your Ancestor do in the Great War
Following his talk David, who is a serious collector of Militaria, can advise on any medals, photos or militaria you may have - so bring them along.
David Empson
23/05/2019The Local Co-op - from Ipswich to the East of England - a Growth Story......
“From Ipswich to East of England – A Growth Story”. How Ipswich was a key member at the centre of the Growth of the Co-op movement in this region - and looking at the history of this change This talk will be followed our Group's (very brief) AGM
Percy Lomax
27/06/2019Minbus Group Day Out Highgate Cemetary.
Looking at a Mini-bus trip to Highgate Cemetary - with 2 Guided Tours of Both East and West Cemetary. Leaving Ipswich area at about 08:00 - Prices £40 members, £42 non members confirmed. Take Lunch in a lovely Cafe in a nearby Park. VERY FEW PLACES LEFT
Mini-Bus tour of Highgate Cemetary - with Guided tours of East and West Cemetaries.
12/07/2019Research Meeting
From 2 p.m. PLEASE CONTACT Jenny on 01473 902367 to say you are coming as you will need to be let into: Carlford Court, 112, Parliament Road, Ipswich , IP4 5EL, which is a "Secure" accomodation block.
Research Meeting where Jenny Rawlinson Lives
25/07/2019The 1851 Great Exhibition.
A fascinating illustrated talk about what was the first, event that really united the British Isles - made all the better by the evolving Railway System. Also the first provision of proper Public Conveniences - where Spending a Penny probably came from.
Geoffrey Kaye
22/08/2019A romp through the Suffolk Newspaper Archives.
A Fascinating Romp through the Suffolk Newspaper Archives, by a very well know Suffolk Speaker.
Pip Wright
26/09/2019"To Relieve the Need and Stress" -The story of East Anglian Alms Houses
Sarah, well known and respected Suffolk Author and Researcher, explores East Anglian Alms Houses.... the sort of places where some of our Ancestors probably ended their days.
Sarah Doig
24/10/2019The Royal Navy Patrol Service
Unsung Heroes, 14,000 died manning converted Drifters and Trawlers, and specially built boats - patrolling from Gt Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Harwich and Ipswich etc. They swept mines - rescued Fliers; Ship Wrecked mariners.
Leo Whisstock
08/11/2019Family History Research Meeting
This is a Research Meeting - to break down your research Brick Walls. 2:30 Fri 8th Nov. £2 per person To Book - call Jenny 01473 902367. The venue 10, Carlford Court, 112 Parliament Road, Ipswich IP4 5EL. Bring your research notes etc.
This is a Research Meeting - working together to break down your research "Brick Walls".
28/11/2019Thomas Seckford - His Life and Legacy
The Story of a Tudor Superstar - with houses in Woodbridge, Ipswich, and a Street named after him in The City of London. He was at the centre of Power in Tudor England. He founded Woodbridge School and his Legacy The Seckford Foundation; continues.
Mark Mitchels
26/12/2019NO MEETING ON 26th October !!!!
NO MEETING ON 26th October !!!! See you on Thursday 23rd January
NO MEETING - It's Boxing Day :-)
23/01/2020Red Sails on The Orwell - The R.W. Paul (Grain Shippers etc with a large Silo on Ipswich Docks0
Red Sails on The Orwell - R.W. Paul Story (Grain Stores and boats etc at Ipswich Docks). 7:15 p.m. Coop Ed Centre, 11, Fore Street, Ipswich IP4 1JW (Park Waterworks Street IP4 1JG) £2 members, £2.50 non-members. Pay at door. More info 01473 274300
Chris Turland
27/02/2020The History of Windmills in Suffolk.
"The History of Windmills in Suffolk" 7:15 p.m. Coop Ed Centre, 11, Fore Street, Ipswich IP4 1JW (Park Waterworks Street IP4 1JG) £2 members, £2.50 non-members. Pay at door. More info 01473 274300
Chris Hullicoop
27/03/2020Re-scheduled Talk "The Suffolk Bevin Boys in World War Two"
Rescheduled Talk "The Suffolk Bevin Boys" by Barbara McElroy 7:15 p.m. Coop Ed Centre, 11, Fore Street, Ipswich IP4 1JW (Park Waterworks Street IP4 1JG) £2 members, £2.50 non-members. Pay at door. More info 01473 274300
Barbara McElroy


For further details on the programme you should contact

Mrs Jenny Rawlinson (Ipswich Branch Secretary)

10, Carlford Court,

112, Parliament Road,

 Ipswich IP4 5EL  

01473 902367

e-mail: jennyrawlinson@hotmail.com
Howard King (Chairman)
01473 274300
or by Email: publicity@suffolkfhs.org.uk

Group Contact

Mrs Jenny Rawlinson (Ipswich Branch Secretary)

10, Carlford Court,

112, Parliament Road,

 Ipswich IP4 5EL  

01473 902367

e-mail: jennyrawlinson@hotmail.com
Howard King (Chairman)
01473 274300
or by Email: publicity@suffolkfhs.org.uk

Group Projects

The War Memorials of Ipswich Villages

There is a memorial book, compiled in 2003 by Jennifer Jones, in the Parish Church, containing photographs of the graves or memorials of most of the men of the North Samford Benefice (Belstead, Bentley, Burstall, Copdock & Washbrook, Sproughton and Tattingstone) who died in the First World War.

The information in this document was researched by Martin Edwards 2003, with additional information researched by Jean Austin 2006.


The War Memorial stands on a road junction and is in the form of a memorial cross; it was first unveiled on 28th November 1921. The Cross was designed by H Munro Cautley, architect, writer and the greatest connoisseur of East Anglian churches. EE Saunders of Ipswich erected the Cross. 

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Celtic Cross War Memorial in the centre of the village;  Roll of Honour in the Church.

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Memorial window in the Church;  Roll of Honour in the Village Hall.

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Copdock and Washbrook

1914-1918:  War Memorial in Copdock Church;  Roll of Honour, formerly in Washbrook Chapel (current whereabouts not known). 1939-1945: Memorial stone in Copdock Churchyard.

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War memorial in the Church;  Roll of Honour in the Vestry.

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Memorial plaques in the Church for both First World War and Second World War.

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The brass plaque in church.

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Ransomes and Rapier War Memorial

Prior to being located in Bourne Park, the memorials were on the wall outside the canteen area (overlooking the bowling green) of the Waterside Works.  The memorial to employees killed in the First World War was unveiled on 8 January 1921 and was initially in the ‘billiard room’.  The company – which had extensive premises off the Wherstead Road, including in ‘Rapier Street’ – was closed down in 1987 (and the site is now largely redeveloped).  The three sided memorial was erected in Bourne Park in 1988 – one side commemorates the employees who died in the First World War, one side those who (including civilian employees) were killed or missing in the Second World War and the third side commemorates Richard Stokes, who was long associated with the company as Chairman and Managing Director.

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