We endeavour to avoid errors or omissions in the preparation of data for our Suffolk 'Index' series of CD's:

          •   Suffolk Baptism Index
          •   Suffolk Marriage Index
          •   Suffolk Burial Index

Our teams of volunteers, working with detailed guidance notes, transcribe, input, initial check and final check, using microfiche copies of the registers and original registers when necessary.

Main Principles

  • Names and dates are transcribed as entered in the register - it is left to the researcher to ponder on the various spellings of the family name.
  • Occasional misspellings under 'Abode' and 'Occupation' are corrected, for example: Great Ratting becomes Gt Wratting whilst Taylor becomes Tailor.
  • Blank parts of entries are generally left so in the transcript, or indicated [blank].
  • Notes' may be added, to assist the researcher, and placed in square brackets, for example:
    • [?] denotes an unresolved query
    • bn 2086[sic] shows a mistake in the register and not with the transcript
    • [entry between 6 Sep 1846 & 4 Jan 1847] when the date is blank.
  • Data is presented in a standard format with key words abbreviated and a full listing provided on each CD


If, despite all our efforts to ensure the accuracy of our data, you should find any errors or omissions, which there may well be, the Society would welcome reports of these, which should be sent to the appropriate project co-ordinator:

          Baptism Index Co-ordinator
          Marriage Index Co-ordinator
          Burial Index Co-ordinator

Data Corrections

Following rechecking by an experienced transcriber, which may involve some delay whilst visiting the Suffolk Record Office, we will report back to the finder. Any corrections made to our database will be published in the following listings, which will be updated regularly.

For updates click Files links below:

          Baptism Index Corrections - updated January 2020
          Marriage Index Corrections - updated January 2020
          Burial Index Corrections - updated January 2020


Corrections to marriages CDs 2-2-20 (.pdf) - Uploaded 05/01/2020
Corrections to burials CDs 2-2-20 (.pdf) - Uploaded 05/01/2020
Corrections to baptisms CDs 2-2-20 (.pdf) - Uploaded 05/01/2020