Using the Search

You can hide the help by clicking the help button again

Enter the Surname in which you are interested in the "Name" box. However, you have three options with this field.

  • The surname of the family you are searching for
  • You can use wildcards "*"
  • You can enter a members membership number which will list the interests of that member
  • By clicking on "Use Sounds like" which will match the "sound" of the name

You can restrict the search to a particular county by using the Chapman Code drop down to select a county. Leave the "Chapman Code" as "--Select--" unless you particularly want to limit your search to one area.

Enter the answer to the "Security Question" then click "Search".

You will then get a list of names matching your search. If you would like to give/get further information on a name, then click on "Email" to contact a member direct.

If the member has no email address, then Members Only may click "Write" to email the Membership Secretary, who will forward the enquiry.

By clicking on "Print these results" just above the list of names, you can print a copy of your search.

Repeat the above for each search/contact.

PLEASE NOTE! A member will only contact you if he / she wishes to do so.


An * indicates a mandatory field.