Society Library

Our library was located and available for use at:

Suffolk Record Office
Gateacre Road

However, the Ipswich Record Office (Suffolk Archives) are in the process of moving to a new building on the waterfront called "The Hold". We have not yet been told whether they will allocate any space for our library. When the situation has been clarified we will include a note here - so check back to find out what is happening.

In the mean time check with the Suffolk Archives web site here.


Most of the records are held on open display, in the Search Room, and contain a variety of information about the county and its people.

It will be appreciated that Officers of the Suffolk Family History Society are unable to carry out research on behalf of members but are always willing to offer guidance.

The collection is arranged in three sections:

Family Histories
Members' personal family histories and birth briefs, sorted A- Z by the principal surname. Some of the smaller items are located in a filing cabinet. Click here for name details

These transcripts of parish records have been undertaken or donated by members of the Society and include Baptisms, Marriages, Burials and Monumental Inscriptions. Click here for a list of the parishes and periods for which we have transcripts.

These are on Suffolk and family history in general and include all publications reviewed in Suffolk Roots. Click here for a list of the books and periodicals held in the library

 The Librarian can be contacted for general enquiries and, for MEMBERS ONLY, a limited search service is available.

Please provide details of your request, including family name or book you are interested in and the Librarian will provide you with a summary of what can be offered.

If agreeable, the minimum charge would be £3 and this would include 5 photocopied or scanned A4 pages. Additional pages, if required would be 60p per copy (current SRO price).

Would those applying by post please enclose a S.A.E. for their reply.