Haverhill Group Project

Employers and Employees (2019)

The business known as Chauntry Mills is located at the very heart of Haverhill. It has provided employment for the people of the town and surrounding villages since the first factory was opened in1856 to produce drabbet. For many years during Queen Victoria’s reign it was the principal employer and by 1900 approximately 2,500 of the town’s population of 4,800 were working there. The business has been owned and run by the same family, passing from father to son(s) in an unbroken line since its establishment. It still operates today.

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Chauntry Mills

Daniel Gurteen 1

Daniel Gurteen 2

Daniel Gurteen 3

Daniel Gurteen 4

William Basham & Jabez Gurteen

Daniel Maynard Gurteen

The Next Generation

FD Unwin

William Ashplant

Henry Byham

Charles Parmenter

Thomas Farrant

Wellington Whiffing

Susan Farrant

Emma Coates

Charles Claydon

William Dykes

Walter Basham

Jonas Whiting

Walter Rash

Walter Rash 2

Imri Backler

Chris Willis

David Scott

Walter Page

William Starns