Haverhill Group Project

Haverhill at Work Project - Exhibition Posters (2016-17)

Haverhill was an expansion town and our occupational oral history project sought to capture a portrait of the town's workforce during and post expansion, recording the employment experiences of those with both long and new town roots.

From the recordings we produced these posters for our 'Haverhill at Work' exhibition.

Apprenticeships and training 1

Apprenticeships and training 2

Christmas 1

Christmas 2

Do you remember when?

Dressing for work

Health and Safety

Home and casual working

In the spotlight

In the workplace 1

In the workplace 2

Lasting friendships drop in sessions

Lasting friendships

Long service

Militant Haverhill

Sports and social 1

Sports and social 2

Sports and social 3

Sports and social 4

The end of the road

The Overspill effect

Town Centre 1

Town Centre 2

Vacancies 1

Vacancies 2

Women at work


Atterton and Ellis


Delta RA




HMP  - The Abattoir

HMP - Meat Plant

HMP - Bacon Plant


Post Office Telephones

Project Office

Pye Telecommunications


Signpost Paints

Taylors Foundry