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Haverhill Roll of Honour 

Haverhill Roll of Honour (World War 1)

Haverhill Roll of Honour (World War 2)

Haverhill Roll of Honour (Other Conflicts)

(If you have any information/photos of Haverhill casualties please contact haverhill@suffolkfhs.org.uk)

Haverhill Remembers - Lest We Forget November (2018)

Haverhill Men serving in the Far East 1942-45

Haverhill Remembers Foreign Airmen buried here


Haverhill at Work Project - Audio Recordings (2016-17)

Haverhill at Work Project - Exhibition Posters (2016-17)

Haverhill People Project (2017)

Chauntry Mills - Employers and Employees (2019) 

Who Lived Here? (2020)