Society Events

04/03/2021Suffolk Stories - Jottings from the Suffolk Quarter Sessions.
Quarter Sessions are the lowest Court, and administer much local affairs. Its a great source of how our ancestors lived up to and including the Napoleonic Wars. A Members talk - who get an e-mail about 3 weeks ahead with a registration link.
Kevin Pulford
25/03/2021Making use of old newspapers in your Family History Research by Kate Hurst.
This ZOOM Talk will allow Kate to tell us more about using theses amazing resources - whether you get access in your Local Archives - or on Find My Past - or on the British Newspaper Archive website . On the way she will give out hints and tips.
Kate Hurst
15/04/2021Ken Finch presents: "Shoemakers to New Zealand"
A ZOOM Talk: The Chisnell family, prompted by the local clergy left Suffolk for New Zealand, Those who went to New Zealand emigrated by free choice. We learn of the hardships they faced and a romantic story. 
Ken Finch - Ipswich Group members and Society Treasurer.
24/04/2021Sarah Doig presents "The A-Z of Curious Suffolk"
Sarah Doig presents a ZOOM Talk: "The A-Z of Curious Suffolk" featuring some strange tales , unusual buildings, and, and even stranger Suffolk folk.... not to be missed!!
Sarah Doig, well known Suffolk Speaker and Author
08/05/2021Eileen Blyth - with a ZOOM Talk at 12 noon
Eileens amazing Research - looks at and cataloguing Suffolk Millers back centuries. This ties in with the Windmills around Suffolk - when every village probably had a least one - and towns like Ipswich - had many., but many have gone.
Eileen Blyth
13/05/2021Robert Halliday presents ;Unusual Suffolk Gravestones.
7:30 p.m. ZOOM Talk.... A fascinating talk about "Unusual Suffolk Gravestones". A good talk for all "Church Crawlers"... to help you get more out of your ramblings!


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