Marriage Index - Blackbourn Deanery) (BPI-MI/11)

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Marriages 1650-1753 in Blackbourn Deanery


Marriages 1650-1753 (unless otherwise stated) Indexed by Bride & Groom

Parishes included:

Ashfield Gt, All Saints (BTs) (1667-1753)
Badwell Ash, St Mary (1649-1753)
Bardwell, St Peter & St Paul
Barnham, St Gregory (BTs) (1661-1729)
Barnham, St Gregory (1730-1754)
Barningham, St Andrew (1649-1725)
Barningham, St Andrew (BTs) (1724-1755)
Coney Weston, St Mary (1650-1752)
Culford, St Mary (1650-1752)
Elmswell, St John the Divine (1661-1754)
Euston, St Genevieve (1657-1753)
Fakenham Magna, St Peter (1649-1749)
Hepworth, St Peter (BTs) (1660-1688)
Hepworth, St Peter (1689-1753)
Hinderclay, St Peter (1650-1752)
Honington, All Saints (1651-1753)
Hopton (nr Thetford), All Saints (BTs) (1665-1686)
Hopton (nr Thetford), All Saints (1671-1754)
Hunston, St Michael (1658-1753)
Ingham, St Bartholomew
Ixworth, St Mary
Ixworth Thorpe, All Saints (BTs) (1661-1714)
Ixworth Thorpe, All Saints (1719-1753)
Knettishall, All Saints (BTs) (1660-1745)
Langham, St Mary
Livermere Lt, St Peter & St Paul (BTs) (1663-1680)
Livermere Lt, St Peter & St Paul (1682-1754)
Market Weston, St Mary (1661-1753)
Norton, St Andrew (1650-1754)
Rickinghall Inferior, St Mary (1654-1753)
Sapiston, St Andrew (BTs) (1668-1680)
Sapiston, St Andrew (1681-1752)
Stanton, All Saints
Stanton, St John the Baptist
Stowlangtoft, St George (1652-1750)
Thelnetham, St Nicholas
Troston, St Mary (1659-1754)
Walsham Le Willows, St Mary (1652-1753)
Wattisfield, St Margaret (1650-1754)
West Stow, St Mary
Wordwell, All Saints (1651-1748)