If you pay with a UK credit card or you pay through a PayPal account, then PayPal will approve your payment almost immediately.

If you pay using another credit card then, according to PayPal, for electronic funds transfers to complete and for the funds to become available to recipients it takes:

  • up to 4 business days when using a US bank account
  • up to 8 days for Canadian bank accounts
  • up to 8 days for Australian bank accounts

Echeck payments are not taken as paid until the funds transfer is complete. This takes up to 10 days.



Most people manage to work their way through the maze to PayPal payment! However a few do have problems. The following will hopefully allow you to steer your way through these pages.


Create Your Account (with SFHS) - This is relatively straightforward. Just fill in the boxes! Remember to make a note of the email address you use and your password. One useful tip. If you have a membership number, then you can enter it in the "Business Name" and it will show first on the address line.


Completing Your Purchase - After you have selected the items that you would like to purchase, Go to "Cart Contents" and confirm the items are correct and correct any errors.
Go to "Checkout". Check your address and choose your shipping method and press "Continue".
(Note: If you are paying your membership, then you will have to choose a postage option, but postage will be £0.00)
The only payment option we offer is through PayPal (with or without a Credit Card).
Press "Continue". You have a last chance to check your purchases.
Press "Confirm Order".
You will be transferred to PayPal's secure site.


You now have three options:

  • OPTION 1: Cancel your order by pressing "Cancel and return to Suffolk Family History Society".
  • OPTION 2: ONLY If you have a PayPal account, complete the box on the RIGHT TOP. Enter the email address and password supplied by PayPal and follow the instructions.
  • OPTION 3: If you want to pay by Credit/Debit Card, then complete the box on the RIGHT (2nd from the top). Most of the box may already be completed. Click on "Payment Type" and select a card. Enter the card Number and Expiry Date etc. Then click the "Review Order and Continue". Continue to the next screen and press "Pay Now" Click "Complete your Order Confirmation" You will be returned to the Suffolk FHS shop, where you can continue browsing.


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